Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Love Affairs Begin in Net

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I'm praying for this, that my dreams will comes true....i praise the Lord everyday.

Dear Diary,

One day I met a man from Norway in AdventistSinglesconnection.com website .His email impressed me a lot. Its a short message but it catches and touched my heart. The emailed content like this. '" Hello friend, I saw your profile and you have beautiful pictures here in the adventistsinglesconnection website and it caught my attention to write you some few words. If you are mature enough in the relationship I'm Frank Martinuissen looking a wife and to have a family and child someday so please reply me,if you are interesting, but if you are childish type in the relationship please do not waste your time in emailing me.
The story begin on last June, 2006 I forgot the exact date becuase I delete Frank first email.I reply him with interest and I told him in my first email that I'm very interesting with him and I will love him if it is God's will hahahaha the conversation is direct to the point it is so funny but I was enjoyed, our relationship growing fast. I asked him an email address if he really interested to me so he would emailed me in some few days few days later. I received an emailed from him after our 3 days converstation in adventistsinglesconnection and we transfer our new e-mail ID.
This man is very sweet and I could say that he is a religious man, becuase he always talking of his work and about the sabbath in his place. After three weeks of communication he called me by the phone....I coudn't understand what was he talking about for the first time becuase he speaks differently in our language, but the only thing that I could remember is that he played with me an harmonica and he played a song at the piano. The music I cannot forget always bare in my mind and I'm dreaming one night that I met this man someday in the beach. Oh! suddenly the dream comes true.Its in reality.
One day, early month of July he told me in his email that he would like to visit me here in the Philppines and to meet his lovely girl hahhaha lovely girl and beautiful lady in a whole world...Oh...my and after few days he gave me his flight schedule..I don't believe it but becuase he promised me...I was not given him a whole hearted hope so that i would not fully disappointed when he will not come.he said that he would come on October 25, 2006 until November 12, 2006. Yes, I heartily invite him to please come in the Philippines and I will bring to the mission school.
The days passing very fast, the weeks come, and here is the month of October I prepare myself to meet him at the Cagayan Airport for the first time I'm very excited to meet Frank on that day..It was October 25, 2006 at 6;30 Pm he came..Oh.... mmm ... i saw him full of baggage and he embraced me when we saw each other with bumping in my heart that no words that could utter to my mouth...and I breathe very deep so that i have courage to welcome frank and to talk to him many things....wow1 its amazing and sometimes its unbelievable but it the dreamed comes true.
We start our travel going to MVC on that late evening on October 25, 2006...we arrived MVC at 11: Pm together with me were my sister Arcelie and Medie my friend, frank and i then the driver of the rented car.
Frank, enjoyed his vacation here in MVc and in visiting the mission school. In the first week becuase he spent here for 3 weeks we were visited the Sulads High School for the Lumads, then the following week we visited the Victory Mission School in Malitbog Bukidnon

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with us were the sulads staffs the ff were...Ms. Chelin Segismundo a sulads health supervisor, Mr. Victor Paradero a sulads Philantrophic Coordinator, Pastor Rivera Sulads President, Mr. Daryl Famisaran sulads field director and sulads friends and my two sisters. We spent there for 3 days and back to MVC for the weekend. In the following day travel again going to my parents house becuase Frank want to meet my parents and my brothers in Agusan del Sur.
Then, frank met my parents already before we went to the beach for more enjoyment...with my parents and sisters...after the very tremendous and very enjoyed events Frank go back to his place in Norway on Novemeber 12, 2006. But the Love story not ceasing until that moment it continues....Wow! hahhahah what's the next? just watch it out.....

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It is great becuase the relation continues and it grows and grows..heheheheheh until we became engaged and we planb to get married on May 12, 2007...It is a big blessing from God in my life to have a man named Frank from Norway.