Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Gift from God

I couldn,t expressed how I thankful to God for given me a wonderful baby boy. I am the
happiest mother on earth when I saw him after a birth. I felt very blessed.I called my son Harald he is now one year old and ten months. Makulit, palalaro,sweet and kind boy. Mana kasi sa papa mabait.

He loves to play in the snow, jjejeejjje sliding, and eating snow mmmm not so good baby.He likes to play cars, table tennis, musik ect.He started to go to in the kindergarteen, so that he have many kids to play with. He loves there, he is happy in his school and classmates.

Thank you Lord for this gift. Thank you for giving him good health and strenght. Thank ou for the protection everytime and then. Thank you so much for your wonderful love to us.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Women


We talked about women now. Women lot of responsibilities when it comes in the family. Taking care of the children, cooking, washing, cleaning the entire house, many more. Sometimes we cannot count the work of a woman her life is always busy. Especially, when woman have a good job outside she received double stress and tired. She is so tired when she come home but she needs to do her duty still when she is at home. Duty to her husband, to her children, to her house chores, but woman is designed to be like this. So just to understand and accept what woman is. Woman needs to accept her duties and responsibilities.

Now, it's time to women to have an enjoyment time outside together with her friends.After the chruch services some women in the church decided to get together in one place of their friend. In that day I am invited to joined with them. will, without any hesitation I said * yes* i go with you, becuase I want to know them and to be friend of them.

Wow! I considered that day, that it was a great day for me. Each other sharing experiences, expressing their sorrows and problems, crying of joy and tears. So wonderful time.After eating lunch we get out side and have fun in the snow. We had a fun time. A very beautiful time in God's beautiful nature. We had a good time to talked, played and laughed. But you know, becuase the time is running very fast, we need to stop our game and back to the house again of my friend. There we eat dinner and drinks beverages.hehhehehe just juices not winennnnn. After our dinner we had worship. Reading texts from the bible and sharing of ideas and end up by prayers.

So women, even how busy you are from your daily lives, but don't forget to have a good time to laugh, to enjoy and to cry. To pour our your burdens and sorrows to

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Unexpected to have it

Each of us God give us talents. Talents that make us unique as an individual.Talents that no body have. But how could be our talents would be improved or developed? Talents will improved or developed when we do into exercise or practice and also by trying it, even you think that sometimes is impossible to make. But try... just try and later you will be know of your mistaskes and mistakes leads you into perfection. There is no wrong in trying.

But how could be our talents improved? if no people also will inspire us, help us or motivate us? Of course, by the help of people sorround, you will be growing.

Just like me. I have a medium of self-confidence in improving my talents, but becuase the people sorround me are very kind, loving, helping and understanding that's why I keep on trying.

You know what my talents are? ...mmmm I am a good cook according to my hubby hhehehe just only for him. I am a good friend to somebody, mmm I can sing and I can play guitar. I only have these but not developed so much because of lacking of confidence, but becuase the people sorround me are supportive and so I'm improving little.

I work and God bless me. God knows my heart and minds. He knows my desire and wants. I didn't tell these to anybody that I want or need some machine. It is my desire to have one sewing machine of my own. Wow! its great you know? becuase the sister of my husband given me her automatic sewing machine one day. Mmmmm I don't knew what I felt during that time. I'm very very happy that God blessed me and provided what I want.

I went to the bathroom and I thank God for the blessings that He has given to me through Wenke my husband sister. I say thanks to Wenke and give her a hug and kisses of thankfulness. I go directly to their bathroom and I And now here I am in othank God for having a sewing machine. Now, I started sewing my tore clothes and sew a table clothe.

Thank you so much Wenke for your generous heart and for given me this sewing machine.
May God bless you and your family.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


The day comes that I am contemplated the day that I was born by my loving and patience mother. She suffered a lot for me when I am still in her wombed until I grown up and became like a mother hopefully.

It's my special day to celebrate my birthday. My husband said to me that we have two set of parties for my friends and to his family. He prepares all the foods for the visitors said becuase I am coming late everyday from my schooling and from my work. Yes, I am very happy for it.
Tuesday was my birthday and some of filipina friends and some classmates
coming at home bringing a birthday presents for my day. No people came in the house without gifts everybody has something for me. This is one way of the norwegian traditions when there is somebody who celebrate a birthday so everybody follows them. I recieved a lots of gifts like boxes of chocolates, clothes, frizor, money, flowers,cards, etc from all of my invited guests.The
party was going on with a lot of pinoys chika and norwegian chika becuase the husband of the pinays my husband intertained them and I intertained also the pinays and english friends. I had an international visitors that day.
This is my second party for my norwegian family last friday evening. I'm happy becuase all members of the family of my husband came at home and we had a very good time each other. Except the members from the family who are very busy from at that time and some didn't come. This family are very close and very kind family. You could see that they have a loving and a kind mother so they have also a very loving and kind children. Of course I am one of them hehehheh I'm just kiding.But I'm very proud of them for being close and kind to me. I missed my family in my homeland when I saw my husband's family gather together in one of his brother or sisters house. My heart starts to crack like a balloon and tears down my chicks but I will not show to them when I see them together and visiting each other, for I am far from my family and my friends. In otherwise, I thank God for giving me the Martiniussen family here in Norway becuase they cared and loved me so much as like their sister too and friends.
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee party again....I recieved a lot of gifts from my hubby's family who visited in the house last friday....I wished that I could have a birthday everyday so that I have gifts everyday hehehehehheh how greedy I am?
.....hehhehheeh I'm happy to everybody who came in the house even without presents for me example, but of course they didn't forget me to bring any presents becuase I am very special to them. hahhahhaahaah wawwwwwwawwwwwewwww....
And now, it's my time to say a billion of thanks to all my loving family, friends,classmates especially to my loving and kind husband for supporting and providing my needs.
Above all to my Almighty God for giving me good health and strength all the time. Thank you for your presence and and for your presents during my special day. Thank you so much for your nice smiles and your sweet laughters during the day we gathered. Thank you also to my mother and my family to remember my day, specially to my mother and my father who made and succrificed so much for me. Sorry to all if I have something wrong...May God bless you and I love you all.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

God is always encourage us

I thank the Lord for giving me a job.Even I earn little from my job but I thank God becuase it could help me, there are many people who haven't a job and they are in need. I am happy to have a little income this time than to stay at home and getting boring after my class. I enrolled my norskcourse whick I go to school five days in a week, it's getting board in learning new language becuase it is difficult for me to learned maybe becuase I'm exhausted already in going to school before I finished my course in the Philippines. Imagine! the 4 years course of being profession I got that in school for ten years? but anyway I enjoyed my life years at MVC school by joining a missionary works for the Lord. I really missed that events of my life,I enjoyed helping the very lowest people becuase I could see Jesus in them but the Lord has a purposed in each of our lives why we have a new experiences everyday.
When I'm here in Norway I thought that I could work already and not to study but its far beyond my expectations. I need to study norwegian course becuase we are obliged to learn and speak norwegian, so that it is easy for us foreign people to communicate the people in Norway when we foreigners are in our duty. In otherwise,I am happy becuase God gives me a light job and a power to handle by myself to wake up early in the morning to go to school and to my work.Is not only that, I thank God becuase my boss is so kind to me. She is my sister in law and I don't have any difficulties to adjust with her and to the young once even I am a little shy and sometimes I am silent when I am at their house.

But I am hoping that someday God gives me a new job where I can used my hidden talents that he has given me. Inspite that I can earn more big income than this time becuase I love to help people who are in need specially my family. For the mean time, I love this work becuase I am having my norsk course at the same time working in every week. I love to work and I want to have a better job someday. But inspite of my work, I thankful to my boss for given me table placemat this week hehehehhe its nice and it gives in our table looks we have in our table and we are using it. Our table looks gorgeous this time with the placemat given to me by my sister in law Wenke. Thank you Wenke for this gift. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Thanksgiving Message To All

Dear friends and family,

We wanna extend our thanks and gratitudes to the following family for giving us light and couraged in our wedding.For being fully supported to bind our hearts into love and for giving us joyed through their precious gifts that we received during the wedding and after the wedding.
We thankful to the Martiniussen family for being so kind to me and accepting me as a member and a daugther in the family.Specially to mama Grethe and papa Harald who passed away last few months. I met papa Harald before he died, even I didn't know him yet and spoke with him but I know by my heart that papa Harald and mama Grethe are good and kind parents. A good examples to the couples and also gives inspirations to us newly couples. Becuase of these I thank the Lord that I belong in the Martiniussen family. Thank you also for your gifts, your love, your concerns and for being my second parents here for I am away from my parents and my home.
We thank Helge for being a good and kind brother of my husband. Thanks also for the wedding gifts and birthday gifts during hubby's birthday.
The Mr. and Mrs. Christensen and family thank you so much for your precious gifts that we recieved, we used it daily.Thank you also your sweet smiles everytime we meet, for being sweet couple and kind family.
To Mr.Adnan and Ms. Turid thank you so much for your love and being sweet, kind couple and thank you also for your gifts to us. thank you also for lots of fish that we eaten last time hehehehe...I loved it...and I missed that events.That was my very first time that I almost vomitted becuase of my tummy was completely full of foods and fish eaten.

Thank you also to Mr. and Mrs. Krekling and family for the gifts of love and for teaching me to be a better wife, your my example. Thanks for the gifts and for giving me a job. I am really happy to have a little work than to stay at home after my class. I am privillege enough to have this kind of work, but I know the Lord has a better work has prepared for me. Thank you and I thank God for my job.

To Mr. Olimarious and Ms. Margaretta thank so much for your gifts. We extending hugs and our warmth congratutions to your wedding day.That the Lord bind your hearts into love. We pray for you that the Lord will grant your request. We understand you, what you felt today becuase we been like that before but we only need to be strong and remain faithful to God and ask Him. Ask and it shall be given unto you, Seek and ye shall find, and knock at the door and it shall be opened unto you. God be with you always and bless you more.

Turon and family, thank you so much also for sharing your smiles to us and for your gifts of love.

For especially way, we wanna extended our great thanks to all friends and those who are not mentioned, for encouraging us and for your gifts and for your smiles. Our heart were bursed with overjoyed becuase of you and the people sorround. Thank you so much for your love, your kindness and your gifts, your smiles everytime we meet.

I wanna thanks my husband also for being kind, sweet, loving, responsible,supportive, etc to me. Thank you so much hubby for loving me. I will love you forever. I thank God that he has given me a right and a good man in my life. I considered my hubby as a prescious gift to me.
Thank you ......thank you..... thank you.... to all family and friends.

May God bless you all.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Precious Bolo

A family from Norway having their vacation in the Philippines for 8 weeks. This long period of days they experienced bad and good experiences in the Land of Friendship Philippines. They experienced for the first time a very challenging typhon in Bantayan Island. But the family loved to stay in Bantayan island becuase they said that the people there are very kind,and loving people.
In opposite, the Dimmock family experienced little bad becuase thier youngest son had in ill and brought to the hospital after the typhone. But the Lord is so good in their lives they said becuase God keep their lives safe in the Philippines. The family knew how the Filipinos lives and the situations are....they are 100 percent differently from their living in Norway where everything are luxurious and everything are affordable by all people. People in Norway have everything if they could ...but in otherside foreign people who been in the philippines they would say that Filipinos are very happy even they are poor and in simple living. Becuase they always see them happy, smiling, laughing, and contented seems that they are not worried for their tommorows.
Of course from the vacation, it's time for the Dimmock family to go back in there rich and nice country. One day I asked the family if they could buy for me a sharp bolo when they will go back in Norway so that I can have the bolo that I can used in my garden. I said to them that I never find any type of bolo here in Norway. So, becuase the family wanted to have it at thier so they bought 3 bolos, two for thier children and one for me.
Is the time for the family to go back in Norway but in way back home they must dropping in Singapore becuaese they wanted to visit some places there. Singapore country is the cleaniest country in the world and the family witnessed and proved that it was true.

But when the family arrived at the airport in Singapore the family arrested by the police becuase the custome reported to the police that this family are terrorist. The bolo had seen by the electric scanner in Singapore to their family loggage. The police trying to investigate them and asking many questions that makes them terrified. The police suspected them that the are bad people becuase of the sharp bolos found in the loggage.But they are trying to explain that the bolo is not used for bad intentions but it is for the garden. `We are good people and we are not terrorist. We bought this bolo becuase we like this to use in our garden, the family explained. The police starting to understand and becoming calm,but if the family couldn't convensed the police, they are pretty sure that they would put to jail becuase the police were very angry with them and had this sharp eyes to look at them.Oh....they have this tremendous experienced and the family have wrote a promisory notes to the police officer that the bolos they bought are using only in the garden and no other things. The family wrote the promisory notes in a peace of paper and it was signed by the Singaporean police officer.After this, the family could breathed deeply and thank the Lord that they are not put in jail becuase of the bolos.
I recieved the bolo now after a week the family arrived in Norway, and I called this bolo of mine a precious bolo. So, I must take good care of the precious bolo.

Friday, August 22, 2008

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Monday, August 18, 2008

The Lost One

I woke up early in the morning becuase I am exciting to go to school for the firt day. I rode the bus for the first time in going to school and it was successfully done. I saw a lot of foreign students from different places in the world. I met a filipina too which we are same country philippines.
When the time to go back home agin I need to take the bus becuase my husband is not with me, he been in Trøndheim very far from our home. Unfortunatelly, when I went home I took the wrong bus number so I was not able to go home early after the class becuase I was lost in my way back home.I walked and walked for 1 and 1/2 hour before I met an african lady and I am asking her which the way going to Robergvein. Fortunatelly she knew the way and she tried to help me. She told me that in Norway have a system in riding a bus. it has different schedule in every different day. she said that I must learn becuase in Monday for example the past in our place 9 o'clock in the morning and 3 o'clock in the afternoon, in Tuesday different schedule from Monday and in Wednesday and soon...Oh... no I can't believed of myself. I'm lost my way back home. I wondering where should I go becuase I do not familiar the place, as will the people in Norway are very few speak english, is not only like that, but you cannot see people in the streets if your not in the city. No people would I'm going to ask where I am, but in otherise I am lucky also because after one and half an hour I met the African lady and she help to find the way home.
I am so much happy becuase I back home....this time I din't talked to my husband for the whole day. He is waiting for my call, either I won't answer his call too. he called his sisters that they would visit me in the house heheeheh his sisters came and asking me why I did not answer any call from my husband and even them, I said I want to be alone becuase I am little irritable of my husband becuase he did not oriented me about the bus system in Norway. The sisters begin to understand and they tried to explained me will. Lucky lady becuase the sisters understand too.
I praise God I back home again...and in my way home I found a friend from Africa, she's beautiful and kind so I like her. I am be thankful that I'm lost becuase I have a priviledge to met a lady from africa.