Sunday, September 7, 2008

Thanksgiving Message To All

Dear friends and family,

We wanna extend our thanks and gratitudes to the following family for giving us light and couraged in our wedding.For being fully supported to bind our hearts into love and for giving us joyed through their precious gifts that we received during the wedding and after the wedding.
We thankful to the Martiniussen family for being so kind to me and accepting me as a member and a daugther in the family.Specially to mama Grethe and papa Harald who passed away last few months. I met papa Harald before he died, even I didn't know him yet and spoke with him but I know by my heart that papa Harald and mama Grethe are good and kind parents. A good examples to the couples and also gives inspirations to us newly couples. Becuase of these I thank the Lord that I belong in the Martiniussen family. Thank you also for your gifts, your love, your concerns and for being my second parents here for I am away from my parents and my home.
We thank Helge for being a good and kind brother of my husband. Thanks also for the wedding gifts and birthday gifts during hubby's birthday.
The Mr. and Mrs. Christensen and family thank you so much for your precious gifts that we recieved, we used it daily.Thank you also your sweet smiles everytime we meet, for being sweet couple and kind family.
To Mr.Adnan and Ms. Turid thank you so much for your love and being sweet, kind couple and thank you also for your gifts to us. thank you also for lots of fish that we eaten last time hehehehe...I loved it...and I missed that events.That was my very first time that I almost vomitted becuase of my tummy was completely full of foods and fish eaten.

Thank you also to Mr. and Mrs. Krekling and family for the gifts of love and for teaching me to be a better wife, your my example. Thanks for the gifts and for giving me a job. I am really happy to have a little work than to stay at home after my class. I am privillege enough to have this kind of work, but I know the Lord has a better work has prepared for me. Thank you and I thank God for my job.

To Mr. Olimarious and Ms. Margaretta thank so much for your gifts. We extending hugs and our warmth congratutions to your wedding day.That the Lord bind your hearts into love. We pray for you that the Lord will grant your request. We understand you, what you felt today becuase we been like that before but we only need to be strong and remain faithful to God and ask Him. Ask and it shall be given unto you, Seek and ye shall find, and knock at the door and it shall be opened unto you. God be with you always and bless you more.

Turon and family, thank you so much also for sharing your smiles to us and for your gifts of love.

For especially way, we wanna extended our great thanks to all friends and those who are not mentioned, for encouraging us and for your gifts and for your smiles. Our heart were bursed with overjoyed becuase of you and the people sorround. Thank you so much for your love, your kindness and your gifts, your smiles everytime we meet.

I wanna thanks my husband also for being kind, sweet, loving, responsible,supportive, etc to me. Thank you so much hubby for loving me. I will love you forever. I thank God that he has given me a right and a good man in my life. I considered my hubby as a prescious gift to me.
Thank you ......thank you..... thank you.... to all family and friends.

May God bless you all.


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