Saturday, August 23, 2008

Precious Bolo

A family from Norway having their vacation in the Philippines for 8 weeks. This long period of days they experienced bad and good experiences in the Land of Friendship Philippines. They experienced for the first time a very challenging typhon in Bantayan Island. But the family loved to stay in Bantayan island becuase they said that the people there are very kind,and loving people.
In opposite, the Dimmock family experienced little bad becuase thier youngest son had in ill and brought to the hospital after the typhone. But the Lord is so good in their lives they said becuase God keep their lives safe in the Philippines. The family knew how the Filipinos lives and the situations are....they are 100 percent differently from their living in Norway where everything are luxurious and everything are affordable by all people. People in Norway have everything if they could ...but in otherside foreign people who been in the philippines they would say that Filipinos are very happy even they are poor and in simple living. Becuase they always see them happy, smiling, laughing, and contented seems that they are not worried for their tommorows.
Of course from the vacation, it's time for the Dimmock family to go back in there rich and nice country. One day I asked the family if they could buy for me a sharp bolo when they will go back in Norway so that I can have the bolo that I can used in my garden. I said to them that I never find any type of bolo here in Norway. So, becuase the family wanted to have it at thier so they bought 3 bolos, two for thier children and one for me.
Is the time for the family to go back in Norway but in way back home they must dropping in Singapore becuaese they wanted to visit some places there. Singapore country is the cleaniest country in the world and the family witnessed and proved that it was true.

But when the family arrived at the airport in Singapore the family arrested by the police becuase the custome reported to the police that this family are terrorist. The bolo had seen by the electric scanner in Singapore to their family loggage. The police trying to investigate them and asking many questions that makes them terrified. The police suspected them that the are bad people becuase of the sharp bolos found in the loggage.But they are trying to explain that the bolo is not used for bad intentions but it is for the garden. `We are good people and we are not terrorist. We bought this bolo becuase we like this to use in our garden, the family explained. The police starting to understand and becoming calm,but if the family couldn't convensed the police, they are pretty sure that they would put to jail becuase the police were very angry with them and had this sharp eyes to look at them.Oh....they have this tremendous experienced and the family have wrote a promisory notes to the police officer that the bolos they bought are using only in the garden and no other things. The family wrote the promisory notes in a peace of paper and it was signed by the Singaporean police officer.After this, the family could breathed deeply and thank the Lord that they are not put in jail becuase of the bolos.
I recieved the bolo now after a week the family arrived in Norway, and I called this bolo of mine a precious bolo. So, I must take good care of the precious bolo.

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na ana pod si Steve ako bana kay adto sa Mexico aguy naa man hatag nga knife wa gyd nadala sa US kay kuhaon man sa custom iya na lang gihatag balik sa naghatag nga Mexican...Anyway Gie naa diay ko tag icopy to sa imo blog dayon post ipasa pod ni sa uban...ang tag bahin sa soap..