Friday, August 8, 2008

Trees as my Mark and Remembrance

I'm very new in the country of Norway.I came first week of April 10, 2008 for first time to go away and out from our my beloved country Philippines. I am already 3months before I had this in my mind that I should plant a fruit tree as my memory and remembrance in this peaceful and beautiful country Norway.
One day, I asked my companion in the house that I hope he can buy for me a fruit tree someday that I can plant in the ground. But after a week I told my plan to my partner in the house he invited me to go to the agricultural farm,45 minutes from our house. He said that I should go with him so that I could choose what fruits should I like to plant at the back in our house.

We went there and I chose 3 fruit trees, one apple tree, black berries, and bringerbar tree. I don't know what the exact name of these fruits in English it is becuase this is my first time to see and tasted this fruits.
An apple tree have 6 reddish fruits already when I planted. I hope that these fruits trees will be successful.It's grows healthily and vigorously someday and it will stay long.

When these trees grows and having fruits mmm nice and I am be happy. These fruits trees are my mark and memories how long I've been here in Norway.
So, I take care of this trees everyday. I check the trees everyday if they are all okay.I watered it everyday and I weeded the sorounding so that no other weeds could stealing the nutrients from the soil.

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Mayet said...

hey! I hope that your trees are doing ok! btw, were you able to replant veggies after the cat destroyed them?
have a great wkend