Monday, August 18, 2008

The Lost One

I woke up early in the morning becuase I am exciting to go to school for the firt day. I rode the bus for the first time in going to school and it was successfully done. I saw a lot of foreign students from different places in the world. I met a filipina too which we are same country philippines.
When the time to go back home agin I need to take the bus becuase my husband is not with me, he been in Trøndheim very far from our home. Unfortunatelly, when I went home I took the wrong bus number so I was not able to go home early after the class becuase I was lost in my way back home.I walked and walked for 1 and 1/2 hour before I met an african lady and I am asking her which the way going to Robergvein. Fortunatelly she knew the way and she tried to help me. She told me that in Norway have a system in riding a bus. it has different schedule in every different day. she said that I must learn becuase in Monday for example the past in our place 9 o'clock in the morning and 3 o'clock in the afternoon, in Tuesday different schedule from Monday and in Wednesday and soon...Oh... no I can't believed of myself. I'm lost my way back home. I wondering where should I go becuase I do not familiar the place, as will the people in Norway are very few speak english, is not only like that, but you cannot see people in the streets if your not in the city. No people would I'm going to ask where I am, but in otherise I am lucky also because after one and half an hour I met the African lady and she help to find the way home.
I am so much happy becuase I back home....this time I din't talked to my husband for the whole day. He is waiting for my call, either I won't answer his call too. he called his sisters that they would visit me in the house heheeheh his sisters came and asking me why I did not answer any call from my husband and even them, I said I want to be alone becuase I am little irritable of my husband becuase he did not oriented me about the bus system in Norway. The sisters begin to understand and they tried to explained me will. Lucky lady becuase the sisters understand too.
I praise God I back home again...and in my way home I found a friend from Africa, she's beautiful and kind so I like her. I am be thankful that I'm lost becuase I have a priviledge to met a lady from africa.

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Gao said...

Pastilan ug wapay naka tabang nimo hehhee..maayo gyud ang Ginoo uy maayo gani naka uli paka tiaw ba 1 1/2 hour nga lakaw layo2x pod na uy. Unsa poy imong gibati nawala ka? hehhehe lahi2x jud tag experiencia ba.