Sunday, June 29, 2008

Holiday in Spain

Dear diary,

We were four days now in our holiday in! i can't believed sometimes how the Lord created the world..its very beautiful here in Spain and all the world they have a unique identity.All places are very beautiful but only people are not beautiful , they destroying the world.
I like here very much in Spain beause its beautiful and you can see it's a tourist country a lot of people specially in the beach but be careful you are not allowed to take pictures beacuase you will be scadaled for they are swimming and they are naked hehehheeheh...I can't believed but it's true.

We stayed frank's house, wow! its beautiful and nice full of nice flowers and grapes...frank house here are complete and all are ceramics compare to norway all are woods also.Everyday we went to swimming pool in the morning and in the afternoon we will go to the beach for swimming. hehehheeh I look like a Negre now, but no problem becuase i am still beautiful in the eyes of my husband hahahhaha.
Sometimes also we go hiking in the forest and playing golf and lawn tennis heheheh my husband is my trainor of all the games and I like it..I like games exactly. and I enjoyed so much.
I wanna thank my Husband for bringing me here and above all to my God for showing me a beautiful places that i never dreamed.
But, my story is not ended this, beause we have still a lot of time here coz we spend here for a month before we go back to Norway.