Saturday, October 11, 2008


The day comes that I am contemplated the day that I was born by my loving and patience mother. She suffered a lot for me when I am still in her wombed until I grown up and became like a mother hopefully.

It's my special day to celebrate my birthday. My husband said to me that we have two set of parties for my friends and to his family. He prepares all the foods for the visitors said becuase I am coming late everyday from my schooling and from my work. Yes, I am very happy for it.
Tuesday was my birthday and some of filipina friends and some classmates
coming at home bringing a birthday presents for my day. No people came in the house without gifts everybody has something for me. This is one way of the norwegian traditions when there is somebody who celebrate a birthday so everybody follows them. I recieved a lots of gifts like boxes of chocolates, clothes, frizor, money, flowers,cards, etc from all of my invited guests.The
party was going on with a lot of pinoys chika and norwegian chika becuase the husband of the pinays my husband intertained them and I intertained also the pinays and english friends. I had an international visitors that day.
This is my second party for my norwegian family last friday evening. I'm happy becuase all members of the family of my husband came at home and we had a very good time each other. Except the members from the family who are very busy from at that time and some didn't come. This family are very close and very kind family. You could see that they have a loving and a kind mother so they have also a very loving and kind children. Of course I am one of them hehehheh I'm just kiding.But I'm very proud of them for being close and kind to me. I missed my family in my homeland when I saw my husband's family gather together in one of his brother or sisters house. My heart starts to crack like a balloon and tears down my chicks but I will not show to them when I see them together and visiting each other, for I am far from my family and my friends. In otherwise, I thank God for giving me the Martiniussen family here in Norway becuase they cared and loved me so much as like their sister too and friends.
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee party again....I recieved a lot of gifts from my hubby's family who visited in the house last friday....I wished that I could have a birthday everyday so that I have gifts everyday hehehehehheh how greedy I am?
.....hehhehheeh I'm happy to everybody who came in the house even without presents for me example, but of course they didn't forget me to bring any presents becuase I am very special to them. hahhahhaahaah wawwwwwwawwwwwewwww....
And now, it's my time to say a billion of thanks to all my loving family, friends,classmates especially to my loving and kind husband for supporting and providing my needs.
Above all to my Almighty God for giving me good health and strength all the time. Thank you for your presence and and for your presents during my special day. Thank you so much for your nice smiles and your sweet laughters during the day we gathered. Thank you also to my mother and my family to remember my day, specially to my mother and my father who made and succrificed so much for me. Sorry to all if I have something wrong...May God bless you and I love you all.