Thursday, March 15, 2007

Love Happens

Frank with me in the river, we were riding a rafting.

Dear Diary,

One day I met a man from Norway in AdventistSinglesconnections website.His email impressed me a lot. Its a short message but it catches and touched my heart. the email content like this. '" Hello friend, I saw your profile and you have lots of beautiful pictures there in the adventistsinglesconnection website that caught my attention and interest to write you some few words.If you are mature enough in the relationship I'm Frank Martinuissen from Norway and I am looking a wife and have a family and child someday. May you drop your reply to me if you'r serious and you are mature in the relationship, but if you are childish in the relation please do not waste your time in spending to me.

To make the short I reply to him with my sweet smile that i caught his attention and emotion hahahaha....

The story begun in June, 2006 I forgot the exact date becuase I delete frank first email.I replied him with interesting message and I told him in my first email that I'm very interesting to him and I will love him if it is God's will,our relationship growing fast.I asked him an email address if he really interested with me and I given to him my email address too, then few days later I received an email. This man is very sweet to me and I could say that he is a religious man, becuase he always talking of his work and about the sabbath in his place. After three weeks of communication he called me on the phone.Our first communication through phone I coudn't understand what was his talking about, but one thing that I could remember was that he played with me a harmonika and he played a piano The music was very nice and I couldn't forget it. It bares in my mind and I just couldn't forge him.
One night I had a dreamed that I met this man in the beach.Oh..its a good dream.

Suddenly the dreamed comes true. Dreams and my prayer comes into reality and getting serious.

One day,Frank plan to meet me in person in MVC, Valencia City Bukidnon.I invited him also when he asked my permission if I allow him to visit with me here in MVC.Of course, with in my heart there is happiness inside.I invited him and on October 24-November 12, 2006 he came in MVC via Airlines, buses jeepneys before he met me in person.
Then he spent here in MVC for 3 weeks.He enjoyed a lot and we visited diffirent place specially I brought him in Victory Mission School as well as in the Sulads High School. I think he has a lot of experienced that he couldn't forget it in his whole life.
If you want to his experienced just sitting with him with few minutes and talk about his life when he was here in the Philippines.Fortunately,he visited and met my parents too in Agusan del Sur. There Frank saw my parents situation, but I thank the Lord becuase Frank was very kind to my family. After frank met my parents, Frank and i decide to brought my parents and sisters to the! wonderful becuase my parents were enjoyed swimming in Mountain Beach, frank and me too of course.
Then the saddess moment came again,becuase Frank went home after few days in the beach and he left me with tears in my heart.i didn't let me saw cried. I hold my tears until he went off away from my eyes.When I got home.I cried a lot,becuase I miss frank so much.
The Lord bless our relationship,I thank the LOrd becuase Frank is faithful ih his every words to me.Before he left me , we are decided to get be finish.