Saturday, August 23, 2008

Precious Bolo

A family from Norway having their vacation in the Philippines for 8 weeks. This long period of days they experienced bad and good experiences in the Land of Friendship Philippines. They experienced for the first time a very challenging typhon in Bantayan Island. But the family loved to stay in Bantayan island becuase they said that the people there are very kind,and loving people.
In opposite, the Dimmock family experienced little bad becuase thier youngest son had in ill and brought to the hospital after the typhone. But the Lord is so good in their lives they said becuase God keep their lives safe in the Philippines. The family knew how the Filipinos lives and the situations are....they are 100 percent differently from their living in Norway where everything are luxurious and everything are affordable by all people. People in Norway have everything if they could ...but in otherside foreign people who been in the philippines they would say that Filipinos are very happy even they are poor and in simple living. Becuase they always see them happy, smiling, laughing, and contented seems that they are not worried for their tommorows.
Of course from the vacation, it's time for the Dimmock family to go back in there rich and nice country. One day I asked the family if they could buy for me a sharp bolo when they will go back in Norway so that I can have the bolo that I can used in my garden. I said to them that I never find any type of bolo here in Norway. So, becuase the family wanted to have it at thier so they bought 3 bolos, two for thier children and one for me.
Is the time for the family to go back in Norway but in way back home they must dropping in Singapore becuaese they wanted to visit some places there. Singapore country is the cleaniest country in the world and the family witnessed and proved that it was true.

But when the family arrived at the airport in Singapore the family arrested by the police becuase the custome reported to the police that this family are terrorist. The bolo had seen by the electric scanner in Singapore to their family loggage. The police trying to investigate them and asking many questions that makes them terrified. The police suspected them that the are bad people becuase of the sharp bolos found in the loggage.But they are trying to explain that the bolo is not used for bad intentions but it is for the garden. `We are good people and we are not terrorist. We bought this bolo becuase we like this to use in our garden, the family explained. The police starting to understand and becoming calm,but if the family couldn't convensed the police, they are pretty sure that they would put to jail becuase the police were very angry with them and had this sharp eyes to look at them.Oh....they have this tremendous experienced and the family have wrote a promisory notes to the police officer that the bolos they bought are using only in the garden and no other things. The family wrote the promisory notes in a peace of paper and it was signed by the Singaporean police officer.After this, the family could breathed deeply and thank the Lord that they are not put in jail becuase of the bolos.
I recieved the bolo now after a week the family arrived in Norway, and I called this bolo of mine a precious bolo. So, I must take good care of the precious bolo.

Friday, August 22, 2008

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Monday, August 18, 2008

The Lost One

I woke up early in the morning becuase I am exciting to go to school for the firt day. I rode the bus for the first time in going to school and it was successfully done. I saw a lot of foreign students from different places in the world. I met a filipina too which we are same country philippines.
When the time to go back home agin I need to take the bus becuase my husband is not with me, he been in Trøndheim very far from our home. Unfortunatelly, when I went home I took the wrong bus number so I was not able to go home early after the class becuase I was lost in my way back home.I walked and walked for 1 and 1/2 hour before I met an african lady and I am asking her which the way going to Robergvein. Fortunatelly she knew the way and she tried to help me. She told me that in Norway have a system in riding a bus. it has different schedule in every different day. she said that I must learn becuase in Monday for example the past in our place 9 o'clock in the morning and 3 o'clock in the afternoon, in Tuesday different schedule from Monday and in Wednesday and soon...Oh... no I can't believed of myself. I'm lost my way back home. I wondering where should I go becuase I do not familiar the place, as will the people in Norway are very few speak english, is not only like that, but you cannot see people in the streets if your not in the city. No people would I'm going to ask where I am, but in otherise I am lucky also because after one and half an hour I met the African lady and she help to find the way home.
I am so much happy becuase I back home....this time I din't talked to my husband for the whole day. He is waiting for my call, either I won't answer his call too. he called his sisters that they would visit me in the house heheeheh his sisters came and asking me why I did not answer any call from my husband and even them, I said I want to be alone becuase I am little irritable of my husband becuase he did not oriented me about the bus system in Norway. The sisters begin to understand and they tried to explained me will. Lucky lady becuase the sisters understand too.
I praise God I back home again...and in my way home I found a friend from Africa, she's beautiful and kind so I like her. I am be thankful that I'm lost becuase I have a priviledge to met a lady from africa.

Friday, August 15, 2008

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

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You love Pets?

When I arrived in Norway 3 months ago, I have a vegetable garden at the back of our house. I planted beans, and tomatoes. The plants grows vigorously and I am very happy to watch my garden everyday, but one morning when I look at my garden I saw that it was destroyed. what would happen to my garden? I said.

In the following day I've noticed that was the cat of our neighbor it was destroyed my garden, and I caught the cat and brought to my neighbor and my neighbor said...oh..whats wrong with my cat I said nothing,but look my garden!
Oh... no...I am sorry but any way my cat is so cheap she said I bought this in and even my cat is cheap I don't let my cat punish of what she had done to your garden. I will pay you how much the value of your garden, but I said no, only bring me in the pet shop so that I can buy a pet and finally my neighbor bring with me in the shop.Oh, I can't believe this, I saw beautiful cats, dogs and other pets in the pet shop and it's cheap. If you want to have pet in the house just visit this site.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Love Sports?

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Love Is Amazing

Love On The Internet
by Dove

Though I wasn't looking for anyone new,
One day I got e- mail and in it was you.
Charming, sensitive and so debonair,
I strongly resisted it go anywhere.

But letters and stories captured my heart,
Filled me with passion almost from the start.
Love on the Internet, how could it be?
These things just don't happen to people like me.

But doves and butterflies flew into our lives,
Carrying messages we could not deny.
Each person has meaning and love to express,
And we could deny our hearts nothing less.

It's a beautiful love that has grown between us,
Something beyond any words we discuss.
Much deeper than LOL, cyber kisses and such,
Far down to our souls, beyond human touch.

My love's not confined by what it can see,
I feel you, I taste you, I experience your dream.
Close my eyes, and I envision what in my heart I can hear,
"Love knows no boundaries, no distance, no fear."

It's the soul that captures God's love in a way
That eternally melts hearts together to stay.
Fused and sealed forever as one,
Love has its way and new life is begun.


By:Virgie Amora
Quiranggol Mission School
December, 2002

“Where’s Cristina? Where’s Cristina! WHERE’S CRISTINAAA!” the father roared one early cold morning waking the whole village up.

“What’s the problem?” my teammate said rising to her feet and rubbing the sleep away from her eyes.

“I don’t know!” I whispered loudly. “We’ll find that out later.”

Twelve-year-old Cristina is one of our brilliant students. She can read fast with good comprehension. She writes us (teachers) letters putting into practice the lessons she learned in school. She can memorize Bible verses easily. She’s a good leader and one we can count on to always be there. She’s one of the excited ones preparing for the Jamboree in March to be held at the SULADS High School site. The children of Quiranggol will be attending a Jamboree for the first time. We told them of the soon coming High School, a day hike from Quiranggol through forest. This she and all the other children in our village are waiting for. Every school child in the village looks forward to the time when he/she can leave the village and attend the secondary school. With high hopes the children pray everyday that God will soon provide funds to put up this long awaited school.

But Christina’s hopes were shattered one day when a chief from a far away village came with a horse. This horse was tied to a post near her house. This gesture means somebody is proposing marriage. To whom? To a girl nearest to where the horse was tied. To refuse the dowry and reject marriage her father would have to produce two horses. But they are too poor to even buy one. To make the matter worse, her father is already indebted to the father of the boy proposing to marry her. And in their poor situation the only way to pay the debt is to give her away as a bride.

She came to me crying. “Ma’am, I don’t want to marry! I don’t want to marry! I still want to attend high school,” she sobbed.

I was caught between. I pitied her but I should not intervene. This is a tribal and family problem. In the seminar, we were reminded by our director not to intervene in this kind of problem. Culture has it that non-Manobos intervening will be implicated in the problem and most likely will be forced to take the place of the bride.

“Cristina,” I encouraged the still sobbing girl, “the only thing I can say is, just tell your problem to the Lord. He will never forsake you. He has promised. He will make a way for you.”

“Ma’am, isn’t there any way for you to help me escape to MVC?” she pleaded.

“If I do that, it will put me into big trouble. If I refuse to take your place, then I could never go home to MVC alive anymore. Don’t you worry my fellow SULADS and I will pray for you.”

“Thank you, Ma’am!” She left wiping her tears away. She told no one but her friend Marlyn of her plan to escape. Then came that tragic morning when Cristina disappeared and stirred the whole village. “Where could she be?” No one knew except Marlyn. Marlyn sometimes would cut classes for no reason at all. She had not been a delinquent before and we couldn’t understand her behavior.

“Marlyn?” I called her attention one day. “Where were you yesterday? You were not in my class.”

“I went somewhere.”

“Where is this somewhere?” I was curious.

“If you will please keep this as a secret, Ma’am, I will tell you.”

“Sure! Yes! You can trust me.”

“I always visit my friend Cristina in the forest. She lives in a small cave and she asked me to bring her some sweet potatoes because she’s afraid of her father. I accompanied her last night and she cried praying for the Lord to help her solve her problem. There was even a time when we saw her father coming, calling her name, but we just hid behind the rock so that we were not seen at all. There were some rainy nights when we just coiled under some leaves and we were amazed that we did not get wet. I have proven now that the GOD of our SULADS teachers is a LIVING GOD!”

The two girls’ hiding in the forest went on for a month. Then one day Marlyn said. “We’re going to MVC, Ma’am. By all means, God will make a way!” she said confidently.

During our reporting time, I brought with me a couple of patients to the German Doctors’ Hospital. My teammate came two days later with Cristina and Marlyn. The patients and the two girls did not meet at MVC so the patients can tell the parents that there was no Cristina at MVC. Today, Cristina and Marlyn are taking refuge at our director’s home at MVC. Pray that the SULADS High School will be started soon to help runaway brides like Cristina get an education. In this way, the parents, and the old folks also, will little by little do away with the destructive parts of their culture.

This high school plan is developing slowly. Aside from providing a haven for would-be brides, this school would fill a need to give further training to the Manobo children so that they can learn a life skill or trade. Further, if they attend this school, they are much less likely to join the rebel NPA (New People’s Army) and leave the Biblical teachings the SULADS have given them.

There is $50,000 in a matching fund to match funds donated for the Manobo High School. Every two dollars collected will be matched by a dollar from this fund. We need $100,000 to have the $50,000 released. The plan is to start this high school as soon as possible using native construction materials that will last only for a couple of years. Something more substantial needs to be provided.

Would you like to assist the SULADS in providing this education for these largely uneducated people? You may send your contributions to the General Conference of SDA. Make the check payable to the General Conference and mark it for “SULADS” for the general operations of the SULADS or “SULADS Academy” for the construction of the High School. Send the check to:

Cynthia Henderson
12501 Old Columbia Pike
Silver Spring, MD 20904

You will receive a US tax-deductible receipt in a few days. Thank you so much for your continued interest in and support of the SULADS.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Trees as my Mark and Remembrance

I'm very new in the country of Norway.I came first week of April 10, 2008 for first time to go away and out from our my beloved country Philippines. I am already 3months before I had this in my mind that I should plant a fruit tree as my memory and remembrance in this peaceful and beautiful country Norway.
One day, I asked my companion in the house that I hope he can buy for me a fruit tree someday that I can plant in the ground. But after a week I told my plan to my partner in the house he invited me to go to the agricultural farm,45 minutes from our house. He said that I should go with him so that I could choose what fruits should I like to plant at the back in our house.

We went there and I chose 3 fruit trees, one apple tree, black berries, and bringerbar tree. I don't know what the exact name of these fruits in English it is becuase this is my first time to see and tasted this fruits.
An apple tree have 6 reddish fruits already when I planted. I hope that these fruits trees will be successful.It's grows healthily and vigorously someday and it will stay long.

When these trees grows and having fruits mmm nice and I am be happy. These fruits trees are my mark and memories how long I've been here in Norway.
So, I take care of this trees everyday. I check the trees everyday if they are all okay.I watered it everyday and I weeded the sorounding so that no other weeds could stealing the nutrients from the soil.