Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Gift of Love

Dear Diary,

I am 7 weeks already here in my husband country called Norway.I am little sad becuase I don't have any friends like in the philippines, but I am glad in other way becuase I have a loving, understanding and very kind husband in my life.
Because I always alone in our house, I look for any job that I can be comfortable at the same time I can pleased my husband. When my husband gone home and went to his office for work I begun also my work in the house, at first cleaning the house, study little norwegian language and when I got boring I chatting with friends in the other country.But I did not spent my time with this. I made also my multiply and my blog sites so that my friends can update my pictures and my activities here in Norway.

looks beautiful. Everytime my husband arrived at home he is always happy becuase he loves flowers and he looks my garden so nicely and the house neatly. I am happy too when I saw my husband happy.becuae of this in other way I could please my husband sometimes.
One day, when my husband got home again he asked to go the shopping mall, I go with him .I arrived at the mall and we directly go to the bicycle section but in my surprised he bougth me a href="http://bp2.blogger.com/_o4-CtSLDpjY/SDvXBMP5YiI/AAAAAAAAAGA/Y2iNZFVU5BI/s1600-h/P5222382.JPG">
bicycle so that when I alone in the house I can use my bicycle when I buy ice cream mmmmmm hehheheheh I love ice cream even I know that ice cream is not good for the body but of course i eat sometimes.
I thought it was they need of his surprises, but not....until in the following day he asked me again to go with him in the bank becuase he wants me to have my own visa account so that I can use it anytime...becuase I do not have work yet he give me or deposit in the my account every month..wow!!!!.... God is great I am very happy for it becuase God given me a very concern husband and responsible man in my life.
I thank the Lord eveyday and I am happy that God is always in the family....i teach my husband to have worship every morning and evening before we go to bed and thank the Lord and pray.Fortunately my husband likes it very much of what we did in the house to praising God.

I wanna thank you Lord for your love and mercy for us...


Sunday, May 25, 2008

New in Golf

Dएअर माय दिअरी,

Today I enjoyed playing golf with my husband। He tought me how to play golf becuase golf is one of his favorate games, but the most favorate games of him is table tennis...wow! I knew and i witness in my eyes that he is really good in table tennis becuase he has a lot of trophies....हवे अ निस डे टू अल..