Thursday, July 31, 2008

General Female in Politics

Have you known that women have power to govern our government and be a good leader?I knew some women who are good in their position as the led people as she became a governor.
We woman have power to change old things into. Women are big help to improved the community and the country. Women are looking by men for recreation, to lean on their burdens as they men as the head of the family but women are the light of the family.
Women governs peacefully and with love to offer others. Women have hearts to feel what others feel and women are fragile but strong in politics specially when they are leaders like the women I knew in 1981-93 Governor General Rt. Hon. Dr. Dame Elmira Minita Gordon, Belize,1984-90 Governor General The Rt. Hon. Jeanne Sauvé, Canada
and many more women who became leaders in the politics and in our country.If you want to know more click this site to see women are good leaders

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Cards that I Made

Have you tried to made anything if your alone in the house and have nothing to do? Yes, I always left at home alone when my husband go to work. When I am alone i do not stay long in the computer just to chat with friends and family. I made some means that i am not getting bored, so i have my vegetable garden which I harvested already my beans, I have my flower garden that looks beautifull, but this time becuase i finished these two 2 things I made another. I tried to collect dried leaves and grasses, why? I am trying to make cards.
Yes, I made cards and it was successfully done, infact my mother in law and my sister in laws recieved the cards that I was made.They are all happy for it and they appreciated me that I have a hidden talent in arts...I wanna thank them that the Lord give me an impressive skills that I can make his nature more valuable and looks beautiful.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My First's Cake in My Hubby's B-Day

Have you tried baking cake for the first time in the ocassion which is that is your first time to bake cake and it falls in a party time? Oh...I'm getting nervous when I bake cake becuase I am afraid to be failed. People in Norway mostly are good in baking cakes.It's not a joke, a party begin and lot of people came in my hubby's b-day, but anyway I'm happy becuase my cake was successful and they love to eat my cakes. In fact my cake were eaten all after the party.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Beans in my Garden

Last April 2008 I arrived in here in Norway. I got bored becuase I missed my family and friends and my co-sulads missionaries.Becuase i don't have anything to do in the house after cleaning I am planning to make a vegetable garden and you could see my flower and vegetable garden in the previous post.But now since weeks had been past already I saw my beans garden have flowers and fruits. We been in vacation in Spain for a couple of weeks after that we back home again in Norway.
When we arrived in our house i went directly to my garden and i saw my beans are ready to harvest, yes i started to harvest my beans and my hubby glad for he looking me harvesting my beans. I got to bowl of beans after i harvested them.
Wow! this time we have fresh and good quality beans for cooking.So, if you want to spend least from your grocery, plant beans or make a vegetable garden and I am sure your hubby would be happy for you, for you are resourceful helper to him.

Miracle Gifts

Most people when it is his birthday usually they are waiting for the gifts to come.But who will be giving a birthday gift? Of course waiting from the closest friends,members of the family and especially love the ones.Life is like that, 90 percent people in the world are happy to have gifts to received, but I knew a person who have birthday today.Instead that he is waiting for his gift, he is the one giving gifts to his loving wife.
One day, his wife are wishing that his husband buy for her a mixed master so that she could start baking cakes. Her husband just only listened to her, but the time comes during of her husband’s birthday,instead that her wife give him a gift the husband given a birthdday presents to his wife. Wow! exciting? The wife so happy becuase she recieved the stuff that she wishing for and that is the mix master.
Here now, her husband wish to have a party in his birthday, of course the wife must support the plan. So the wife says, okay you invite your fmaily and friends for we have party this evening and the husband happy.
The wife started to preparing foods for the party. At first, she tried to used the mix master to bake a cake... wow! good her work successfully done.The party start at 6:00 pm and the wife busy in preparing decorating for the coming events while her husband still in now the visitors come one by one..

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Favorite

We had a great in day in our holiday time in Spain because of may beautiful beaches, nice mountains to hiked and many places to visit specially in playing golf with my husband. Golf courts were beautiful and tennis courts were good too.
But number one why i say that my holiday was complete it was because I bought bananas in Spain that I cook everyday as my food every meal time great and excellent that my first time since I am in Norway until I visited in Spain.At last, i find my favorite food...banana...

Thursday, July 17, 2008


We had holiday in Spain supposedly one month, but becuase of Frank's father died we make our holiday short and went home in Norway not finishing the holiday. Fortunately, we have good time everyday with my husband after his work. He works only 7 hours a day starting at 8:00 Am until 4:00 pm after that we have a walk or visiting his mother, playing,singing God's music
, etc.That's our daily routine in life as we still live in this earth.
Yes, we had very good times in Spain for a short holiday that we have.Everyday going to the beaches, playing tennis,playing golf, playing table tennis
, eating outside, swimming in the pool, visiting nice places, hiking mountains and many more things to do before the sun went down....Life is enjoyable when we want to enjoy our day. we only bring our day to make it beautiful and wonderful.
Hahhaahahha.......I wanna give a big laugh to these becuase we just only passing in this world, so enjoy life but above all praise God everyday, put God first in all the things and remember God that He is in your life and I am pretty sure that you have experience a happy heart and a happy day.
Have a nice time to you my friends in the world...Thank you God for making me me.