Monday, July 28, 2008

Beans in my Garden

Last April 2008 I arrived in here in Norway. I got bored becuase I missed my family and friends and my co-sulads missionaries.Becuase i don't have anything to do in the house after cleaning I am planning to make a vegetable garden and you could see my flower and vegetable garden in the previous post.But now since weeks had been past already I saw my beans garden have flowers and fruits. We been in vacation in Spain for a couple of weeks after that we back home again in Norway.
When we arrived in our house i went directly to my garden and i saw my beans are ready to harvest, yes i started to harvest my beans and my hubby glad for he looking me harvesting my beans. I got to bowl of beans after i harvested them.
Wow! this time we have fresh and good quality beans for cooking.So, if you want to spend least from your grocery, plant beans or make a vegetable garden and I am sure your hubby would be happy for you, for you are resourceful helper to him.