Monday, July 28, 2008

Miracle Gifts

Most people when it is his birthday usually they are waiting for the gifts to come.But who will be giving a birthday gift? Of course waiting from the closest friends,members of the family and especially love the ones.Life is like that, 90 percent people in the world are happy to have gifts to received, but I knew a person who have birthday today.Instead that he is waiting for his gift, he is the one giving gifts to his loving wife.
One day, his wife are wishing that his husband buy for her a mixed master so that she could start baking cakes. Her husband just only listened to her, but the time comes during of her husband’s birthday,instead that her wife give him a gift the husband given a birthdday presents to his wife. Wow! exciting? The wife so happy becuase she recieved the stuff that she wishing for and that is the mix master.
Here now, her husband wish to have a party in his birthday, of course the wife must support the plan. So the wife says, okay you invite your fmaily and friends for we have party this evening and the husband happy.
The wife started to preparing foods for the party. At first, she tried to used the mix master to bake a cake... wow! good her work successfully done.The party start at 6:00 pm and the wife busy in preparing decorating for the coming events while her husband still in now the visitors come one by one..

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