Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Cards that I Made

Have you tried to made anything if your alone in the house and have nothing to do? Yes, I always left at home alone when my husband go to work. When I am alone i do not stay long in the computer just to chat with friends and family. I made some means that i am not getting bored, so i have my vegetable garden which I harvested already my beans, I have my flower garden that looks beautifull, but this time becuase i finished these two 2 things I made another. I tried to collect dried leaves and grasses, why? I am trying to make cards.
Yes, I made cards and it was successfully done, infact my mother in law and my sister in laws recieved the cards that I was made.They are all happy for it and they appreciated me that I have a hidden talent in arts...I wanna thank them that the Lord give me an impressive skills that I can make his nature more valuable and looks beautiful.

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