Thursday, July 17, 2008


We had holiday in Spain supposedly one month, but becuase of Frank's father died we make our holiday short and went home in Norway not finishing the holiday. Fortunately, we have good time everyday with my husband after his work. He works only 7 hours a day starting at 8:00 Am until 4:00 pm after that we have a walk or visiting his mother, playing,singing God's music
, etc.That's our daily routine in life as we still live in this earth.
Yes, we had very good times in Spain for a short holiday that we have.Everyday going to the beaches, playing tennis,playing golf, playing table tennis
, eating outside, swimming in the pool, visiting nice places, hiking mountains and many more things to do before the sun went down....Life is enjoyable when we want to enjoy our day. we only bring our day to make it beautiful and wonderful.
Hahhaahahha.......I wanna give a big laugh to these becuase we just only passing in this world, so enjoy life but above all praise God everyday, put God first in all the things and remember God that He is in your life and I am pretty sure that you have experience a happy heart and a happy day.
Have a nice time to you my friends in the world...Thank you God for making me me.

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