Tuesday, August 12, 2008

You love Pets?

When I arrived in Norway 3 months ago, I have a vegetable garden at the back of our house. I planted beans, and tomatoes. The plants grows vigorously and I am very happy to watch my garden everyday, but one morning when I look at my garden I saw that it was destroyed. Oh...no... what would happen to my garden? I said.

In the following day I've noticed that was the cat of our neighbor it was destroyed my garden, and I caught the cat and brought to my neighbor and my neighbor said...oh..whats wrong with my cat I said nothing,but look my garden!
Oh... no...I am sorry but any way my cat is so cheap she said I bought this in www.pet.com and even my cat is cheap I don't let my cat punish of what she had done to your garden. I will pay you how much the value of your garden, but I said no, only bring me in the pet shop so that I can buy a pet and finally my neighbor bring with me in the shop.Oh, I can't believe this, I saw beautiful cats, dogs and other pets in the pet shop and it's cheap. If you want to have pet in the house just visit this site.http://www.pets.com

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