Wednesday, September 17, 2008

God is always encourage us

I thank the Lord for giving me a job.Even I earn little from my job but I thank God becuase it could help me, there are many people who haven't a job and they are in need. I am happy to have a little income this time than to stay at home and getting boring after my class. I enrolled my norskcourse whick I go to school five days in a week, it's getting board in learning new language becuase it is difficult for me to learned maybe becuase I'm exhausted already in going to school before I finished my course in the Philippines. Imagine! the 4 years course of being profession I got that in school for ten years? but anyway I enjoyed my life years at MVC school by joining a missionary works for the Lord. I really missed that events of my life,I enjoyed helping the very lowest people becuase I could see Jesus in them but the Lord has a purposed in each of our lives why we have a new experiences everyday.
When I'm here in Norway I thought that I could work already and not to study but its far beyond my expectations. I need to study norwegian course becuase we are obliged to learn and speak norwegian, so that it is easy for us foreign people to communicate the people in Norway when we foreigners are in our duty. In otherwise,I am happy becuase God gives me a light job and a power to handle by myself to wake up early in the morning to go to school and to my work.Is not only that, I thank God becuase my boss is so kind to me. She is my sister in law and I don't have any difficulties to adjust with her and to the young once even I am a little shy and sometimes I am silent when I am at their house.

But I am hoping that someday God gives me a new job where I can used my hidden talents that he has given me. Inspite that I can earn more big income than this time becuase I love to help people who are in need specially my family. For the mean time, I love this work becuase I am having my norsk course at the same time working in every week. I love to work and I want to have a better job someday. But inspite of my work, I thankful to my boss for given me table placemat this week hehehehhe its nice and it gives in our table looks we have in our table and we are using it. Our table looks gorgeous this time with the placemat given to me by my sister in law Wenke. Thank you Wenke for this gift. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.


Michel said...

maayo kay gaan ka placemat Gao nindot sya.

Anonymous said...

pagkasweet baya sa imo boss..