Sunday, March 1, 2009

Unexpected to have it

Each of us God give us talents. Talents that make us unique as an individual.Talents that no body have. But how could be our talents would be improved or developed? Talents will improved or developed when we do into exercise or practice and also by trying it, even you think that sometimes is impossible to make. But try... just try and later you will be know of your mistaskes and mistakes leads you into perfection. There is no wrong in trying.

But how could be our talents improved? if no people also will inspire us, help us or motivate us? Of course, by the help of people sorround, you will be growing.

Just like me. I have a medium of self-confidence in improving my talents, but becuase the people sorround me are very kind, loving, helping and understanding that's why I keep on trying.

You know what my talents are? ...mmmm I am a good cook according to my hubby hhehehe just only for him. I am a good friend to somebody, mmm I can sing and I can play guitar. I only have these but not developed so much because of lacking of confidence, but becuase the people sorround me are supportive and so I'm improving little.

I work and God bless me. God knows my heart and minds. He knows my desire and wants. I didn't tell these to anybody that I want or need some machine. It is my desire to have one sewing machine of my own. Wow! its great you know? becuase the sister of my husband given me her automatic sewing machine one day. Mmmmm I don't knew what I felt during that time. I'm very very happy that God blessed me and provided what I want.

I went to the bathroom and I thank God for the blessings that He has given to me through Wenke my husband sister. I say thanks to Wenke and give her a hug and kisses of thankfulness. I go directly to their bathroom and I And now here I am in othank God for having a sewing machine. Now, I started sewing my tore clothes and sew a table clothe.

Thank you so much Wenke for your generous heart and for given me this sewing machine.
May God bless you and your family.

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