Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Women


We talked about women now. Women lot of responsibilities when it comes in the family. Taking care of the children, cooking, washing, cleaning the entire house, many more. Sometimes we cannot count the work of a woman her life is always busy. Especially, when woman have a good job outside she received double stress and tired. She is so tired when she come home but she needs to do her duty still when she is at home. Duty to her husband, to her children, to her house chores, but woman is designed to be like this. So just to understand and accept what woman is. Woman needs to accept her duties and responsibilities.

Now, it's time to women to have an enjoyment time outside together with her friends.After the chruch services some women in the church decided to get together in one place of their friend. In that day I am invited to joined with them. will, without any hesitation I said * yes* i go with you, becuase I want to know them and to be friend of them.

Wow! I considered that day, that it was a great day for me. Each other sharing experiences, expressing their sorrows and problems, crying of joy and tears. So wonderful time.After eating lunch we get out side and have fun in the snow. We had a fun time. A very beautiful time in God's beautiful nature. We had a good time to talked, played and laughed. But you know, becuase the time is running very fast, we need to stop our game and back to the house again of my friend. There we eat dinner and drinks beverages.hehhehehe just juices not winennnnn. After our dinner we had worship. Reading texts from the bible and sharing of ideas and end up by prayers.

So women, even how busy you are from your daily lives, but don't forget to have a good time to laugh, to enjoy and to cry. To pour our your burdens and sorrows to

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